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Lost and Found: What to do if your pet goes missing! Part 1 – Prevention

By July 3, 2017July 8th, 2017Tips

It happens every day.

Pets “escape” through open doors.

Loud noises (i.e. fireworks, etc.) spook them and they run off.

Some vile person comes by and takes them right out from inside your fenced in yard.

It’s an epidemic in some cities, and our city is definitely no exception.

Right here in Philly, we are no strangers to our fair share of missing pet posters, social media feeds, news stories and telephone poles lined with flyers advertising an either unfortunate “Lost” or the fortunate “Found” pet that is still looking for its way home.

Either way, it’s heartbreaking and the only thing anyone ever wants is for the pet to be reunited with its human parents.

Millions of pets go missing or are stolen each year.  It’s one of the most devastating things a pet owner can experience.

While, there are many things that pet owners can do to assist with the recovery and safe return of their pets and  to prevent the potential threat of their loved ones getting lost or stolen, most of these things are very rarely done until after the situation has already occurred.

Most people tend to feel like it won’t ever happen to them.  Never say never and ALWAYS be proactive!

Follow these several steps to safeguard your pets and help provide for a quick return if they ever go missing.


Make Sure Your Pet Has A Collar With An ID Tag

All pets should have a collar and an ID tag with their name and a contact phone number or two at least.

Collars are also great identification tools themselves.  Having unique collars and all tags up to date is extremely helpful.  In addition, having the collar on your pet at all times is important, as if your pet gets out and there is no collar it can make the tracking much more difficult.


Have Your Pet Microchipped And Keep It Current

Having a microchip in your pet is a great start, but it is only effective if the person who finds your pet takes it to a vet or local shelter to have it scanned.  In addition, a great number of people have their pets microchipped; however, they tend to neglect the renewal fees and let the chip lapse.  If you get a microchip, make sure it is current and that the tag and info is visible on your pet’s collar.

Always make sure your dog is up to date with vaccinations and registrations.  Display these tags as they have identification numbers that correspond with your pup and are useful for tracking down owners.


Educate Your Pets!

Train your pets to stay away from open doors and gates.  Make sure they know their boundaries and you are aware of their whereabouts at all times.  Use commands that will allow your pet to associate the command with stopping or not continuing the action or behavior.  Some call these “safe words”.  They work… try it!


Educate Yourself!

Know your surroundings and environment.  Be aware of any and all potential dangers that could cause your pet to go missing.


Our pets rely upon us to keep them safe and sound at all times.  Be the person your pet wants you to be — there for them and have their backs at all times.


Keep your eyes open for Part 2 of Lost and Found!


Peace. Love. Furriness. Always…

Britt James Carpenter

Britt has been active member in the pet friendly Philly community for many years. Having three rescue dogs and three rescue cats of his own, Britt decided to take his passion for animals and start his own business. Currently he is Owner and President of Muttropolitan Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, a company that services the greater center city Philly metro region. In addition to this, Britt also serves on the Board of Directors for the Morris Animal Refuge, the oldest animal rescue in the country, located right in Center City. Watch for Britt's continuing blog series on "Dog Friendly Philly".