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“Kitty Smalls” Design Added to Featured Photo Collection of Prints, Apparel, and Gifts

By May 12, 2015June 2nd, 2015Design

We’re excited to present the new design, “Kitty Smalls”, to the Featured Photo Collection of prints, apparel, and gifts.

The latest design in the Featured Photo Collection, “Kitty Smalls”, is inspired by a photo of @kittysmalls_murph. This design features the crazy upside-down black kitty with its tongue sticking out.

The design is available on multiple cool items in our online store, including:


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The Featured Photo Collection is comprised of some of our favorite user submitted photos on our Instagram page. We turn the photos into original pieces of artwork, and then have them printed on cool stuff!

Kitty Smalls - Women's T-Shirt

Kitty Smalls – Women’s T-Shirt

Kitty Smalls - Mug

Kitty Smalls – Mug


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