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Howl-o-ween is Almost Here! Pet Safety Tips for All Hallow’s Eve…

By October 12, 2014March 17th, 2015Tips

There are a number of ways to enjoy Halloween with your pet this year, including meet-ups, events, and parties all over town. But Halloween can also spell disaster if you aren’t careful – with strings from costumes, chocolate wrappers, spooky masks, and scary noises all over the place, it is always best to be prepared for the worst.

Below are a few Halloween Pet Safety tips for keeping your pet safe and stress-free:


TRICK OR TREAT, THERE’S AN INTRUDER!blog-halloween-tips2
Remember, even the most familiar folks can look like spooky monsters walking into the house this time of year, whether they mean to or not. If your dog is one that likes his space and is not too fond of intruders, they may do best in a quiet, secluded corner of the house away from all the noise or doorbells, door knocks, and squee-ing little kids excited about their treats and tricks. This can also help prevent door-dashing; Halloween would be less than stellar if you had to spend most of the night looking for your lost dog! Keep all forms of identification on their collar and Fido’s microchip number nearby – if your dog sneaks out for some mischief making, these are the best tools to use to get your pup home safely.

If you are inviting Jack and Sally in for some Halloween fun, make sure all candy and goodies are well out of reach from all pets and that the humans in the house understand the dangers of sharing sweet snacks with dogs and cats. Beyond the risk of illness associated with chocolate, Xylitol, and raisins, pets can also choke on cellophane wrappers or lollipop sticks – make sure that trash can is sealed up tight!


Halloween decorations are always the best when they look the most real, right? They’re often also the most appetizing to your pets in this form. When choosing or hanging decorations, be sure to pick spots or pieces that are out of reach or are uninteresting to your pet. And while pumpkin can make a tasty treat for your dog, a carved pumpkin with a lit candle isn’t the best idea for a midnight snack. Instead, try mounting your pumpkins on tables, out of tail-waggin’ range, and use a battery operated candle instead of the real deal.


With so many hilarious, adorable, scary, and just plain interesting pet costumes out on the market (and how easy they are to DIY!) it is important to keep your aim on comfort and safety. Your pet’s costume should fit snugly, but comfortably, to prevent any self-inflicted injuries and should be free of loose strings, small pieces, or restrictive accessories. Bugsy wears a glow-stick when we take him Trick-or-Treating because he is very difficult to see in the dark – but we suggest this idea to all pet owners, since there are a lot of people outside who may not think to look down.

Keep these tips, as well as a phone number for emergency vet services and/or poison control, nearby this Halloween and you and your pup will be set up to have a howling good time.


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